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writer of the Coach’s Notes. I’m a long time learning and development specialist: leadership, self-development, self-management, and emotional intelligence are my passions. Best self; Best team is how I serve.

I host the Wisdom Experience Radio Show and Podcast and share my stream of consciousness thoughts on the soulcruzer diaries.

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How do you put a square peg in a round hole?

This week, I am co-facilitating a workshop on creating innovation in legal practice. For today’s blog post, I’ve created a microlearning module that briefly explores 4 types of innovation strategies and what type of problems each one can help you solve.

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if you must dream

Years ago you told me that I could have the life I wanted by being present in the life I have. You have a tendency to baffle me with these Zen-like sayings you skim from those quirky little books you read. You said people spend most of their waking moments in a trance, their minds anywhere but where they’re at. You said the mind has a tendency to jump back and forth from the past to the future. One minute, you said, a person is looking backward reminiscing about the past or longing for the good old days. You were

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an approach to life for gentle souls

There’s something comforting in seeing the universe as one big book and life as one big school. Over the past decade, I have tried to live my life in accordance with this simple outlook. I can walk outside and read the signs and omens and pay attention to the soul of the world, which as Paulo Coelho reminds us: “Everything is written in the Soul of the World.” I have done this with a sense of wise detachment like the old Chinese philosophers who dreamt with one eye opened because they felt more alive dreaming than awake and figured if

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the interconnectedness of things

Arthur Koestler reminds us that each whole thing is made of its own parts, while at the same time being part of a larger whole. He called this a holon. No creature or system can exist by itself. Being part of a larger system, it must integrate or die! I’ve always had this sense that we are interconnected. How I am affects how you are and vice versa. I cannot have an interaction with you without some part of you becoming part of me. My whole system rearranges itself to accommodate you. This happens continuously throughout the day, so much

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The next time something triggers you emotionally, do this…

I love it when you can dip back to the ancient Greeks and pull out a bit of wisdom. Speaking on emotional intelligence (of course they didn’t call that back then) Aristotle had this to say about anger:  “Anyone can become angry – that is easy. But to be angry with the right person to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose and in the right way – that is not easy.” The thing about emotions is that as kids we were never really taught how to handle the beasts. Instead of learning how to deal

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Storming the walls

From my art journal today…I’ve been reflecting on Roberto Assagiol’s Egg of Being model lately. The various levels of consciousness and unconsciousness fascinate me, especially the hidden power contained in the unconscious. I would love to storm over the walls that separate my conscious mind from my unconscious mind. Art journaling offers an indirect peep into the unconscious by acting as a mirror and offering an insight into the unconscious mind by way of the language of metaphor which is the primary tongue of the consciousness realm. Because the language of the unconscious mind is universal, you can peer into

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The existential landscape and the paradox of significance and emptiness

“The paradox of feeling that matters of extreme importance are occurring, whilst at the same time nothing seems to matter, is a part of the atmosphere of existential themes. Within the desert, we can search and search for something we sense is there, only to uncover more sand.” Stacey Millichamp Crossing the border into existential territory on this one. Join me. Points of Reference Transpersonal Dynamics: the relational field, depth work, and the unconscious – Stacey MillichampThe Hero with a Thousand Faces – Joseph CampbellThat Which You Are Seeking is Causing You to Seek – Cheri Huber

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What I’m most grateful for about being a human

I spent some time out in nature reflecting on the gift of being human. It’s easy to take our existence for granted. We wake up in the morning, do some stuff, then call it a day. We wake up the next day and do it all again without pausing to marvel at how truly amazing it is to be alive. In this episode, I share with you what I am most grateful for about being human. And here’s the VIDEO version.

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Is your intention sourcing from a good place?

Today’s coffee contemplation track from Where the Sun Rises, featuring Tony Duncan, Darrin Yazzie, and Jeremy Dancing Bull… i found the question I’ve been looking for but didn’t know i was looking for it: What is your intention? I’ve been thinking about why we do what we do in this social construct we call the internet. some are fuelled by a desire to connect and be a part of a community. others are chasing the influencer-power game. others are driven by the desire to be their own boss in hot pursuit of laptop millionaire status. learning to sniff out which

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How can you be authentic in a heavily curated world?

the idea of being an authentic self is a key driver for me, yet sometimes i struggle to comprehend how we can be authentic in a world that is heavily curated and actively encourages us to be the ‘best version’ of ourselves. on the surface, there isn’t anything inherently wrong with wanting to be the best you you can be, it’s when we fall short of that, but don’t want the rest of the world to know we are lacking, so we only post the “good” stuff that makes it look like we are living our best life as the

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What patterns do you need to break?

I explore this question on the Coach’s Notes today: What do you need to unlearn or what patterns do you need to break in order to manifest the future you really want? It’s from Patricia Adson’s book, Deep Coaching: Discovering Archetypes for Empowerment, Growth, and Balance. If you dig The Coach’s Notes, then how about a little love? Like, share, and SUBSCRIBE!

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The Egg of Being

Today’s Coach’s Notes is going to be a bit of a mind-bender, which often happens when you talk about spiritual growth, Self-development, consciousness, and things of that nature. I’ve been getting the ship ready for another voyage into the murky waters of the unconscious mind in search of the “I” that is my True Self. I’ve sailed these seas in various forms in the past and now I’m ready for another inner adventure. This time I’m using as my guide, Roberto Assagioli and his work on psychosynthesis. The show notes are a little light today because I feel it’s easier

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Something primordial comes this way

Starting to do some inner work again. Part of the entails keeping a psychological journal where I record my thoughts, observation, reactions, experiences of self, dreams, imagery, fantasies, hangups among other things.  The entries can be in words, or drawings/paintings. This evening, I opted for a digital painting using Procreate.  The idea now is to record my reactions to any of the images, colors, or patterns within the picture. I’ll leave my detailed thoughts for my offline journal, but I’ll share with you the overall impression I’m getting from this image is of something primordial being born. The main figure

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