August 10, 2023

Turn down the noise

So here’s the thing: life is super loud right now. There are all kinds of people shouting about what you should do, what you should want, and who you should be. It’s crazy! It’s like being at a drone metal concert where the music is just noise.1 But in and amongst this noise is a soft, quiet voice trying to break through, and if you listen very hard, you’ll recognise that voice as your intuition.

Your intuition can be hard to hear over all the noise. It’s subtle, like a whisper you can barely make out. But it’s so important. It’s like your soul’s GPS trying to guide you to the right path and help you make the right choices. Meanwhile, the world is busy yelling directions at you: turn left, turn right, get rich, be famous, buy this, buy that. No wonder we’re confused. But then your intuition taps you on the shoulder and says, “Hey dude, maybe you should just chill and enjoy the journey.”

You do need to get away from the crowds, though, if you want to hear your intuition without any interference. The best thing to do is retreat into your mind, put on some trip-hop music, or get out into nature. Let your thoughts settle so your intuition can come through. It’s like listening to a pin drop in a silent room. And once you hear that pin drop, the answers you were seeking will seep into your consciousness, giving you that warm and fuzzy feeling.

Of course, there is a place for outside voices, so don’t totally ignore them. Your friends and family have wisdom to share. But it’s important for you to weigh their advice against what your intuition says and go with what resonates with your soul.

When you tune into your inner soul’s music, life gets smoother, like jazz. You’ll find your decisions easier to make when you trust your gut. And best of all, paths you couldn’t see before will subtly begin to reveal themselves to you step-by-step because you’re following your inner compass. When your intuition has your back, the universe will too.

So yeah, use intuition as your guide when life gets loud. Its quiet wisdom is the compass that’ll guide you through the noise to a life that feels right. Not just success, but fulfillment. The sweet tune of your soul.

  1. Actually, if you fight through the urge to change the playlist, drone music kind of grows on you.

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