August 22, 2023

WEX 22: Navigating Isolation and Building Mental Wealth with Mike Pagan

Show Notes: Episode #22: Navigating Isolation and Building Mental Wealth with Mike Pagan

In this episode, host Clay Lowe sits down with executive coach, motivational speaker, and endurance athlete Mike Pagan. Mike shares his insights on productivity, mental wealth, and sports, drawing on his 20 years of coaching experience.

  • The two discuss the impact of the pandemic on the working world, particularly the increased feelings of isolation and loneliness. They explore how this can negatively affect mental health and well-being, especially for those working remotely.
  • Mike talks about his philosophy on mental wealth and how individuals can build and maintain it. He emphasises the importance of embracing our strengths and connecting with others to tap into our wisdom.
  • Clay and Mike share stories from their 15-year friendship, including their adventures and challenges together. They discuss their favourite man caves and reflect on their experiences with extreme sports, injuries, and heavyweight training.
  • Mike shares his experiences working with athletes transitioning from elite sports to everyday life. He emphasises the importance of redefining oneself and finding a supportive network to navigate this significant transition.
  • The two dive into the challenges faced by military personnel transitioning to civilian life, highlighting the importance of support networks for those struggling with isolation and loneliness.
  • Clay and Mike discuss the impact of the hybrid working world on millennials and Gen Zs, especially those unintentionally isolated in their parents’ spare bedrooms. They underscore the importance of meaningful conversations and interactions in fostering professional growth and learning.
  • The two explore the concept of isolation, whether self-inflicted or imposed, and how it can be both beneficial and detrimental to personal growth. They discuss the importance of support networks, therapeutic retreats, and embracing solitude for clarity and self-awareness.
  • Mike explains the concept of mental wealth, emphasising the need for a fit-for-purpose supportive network to prevent negative spirals and promote mental health. They discuss how to assess and build a supportive network based on one’s needs.
  • The episode concludes with a discussion on the importance of self-care and seeking professional help to build a proactive mental wealth team. Mike shares his experiences with various sporting environments and the concept of seasonality, highlighting the importance of understanding our own perspectives and experiences.

If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to check out Mike’s book, Mental Wealth, and visit our website for more insightful conversations and resources on navigating the challenges of isolation and building mental wealth.

Note: This is a summary of the content discussed in the podcast episode. [For the full experience and details, please listen to the episode.]

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