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Weaving reality and stories through social construction

In which I explore the notion that our reality and stories are socially constructed. Issue #109 of The Coach’s Notes Newsletter

Happy summer solstice to you! Did you do anything special to celebrate the changing of the seasons? I was in Woking for the solstice, sitting through a two-day training course. I was on the other side of the table this time—learning, not teaching!

I’ve been reading David Drake’s book on narrative coaching, in which he explores how people change. Based on his twenty years of experience, he shows you how to get to the crux of people’s issues and help them make significant shifts in real-time. Narrative coaching works at the level of identities, addresses the collective narratives that shape our stories, and expands the roles and modalities we can use to bring about transformational change within individuals.

This morning, I shared a tweet expressing the notion that both reality and stories are socially constructed, an intriguing concept I picked up from Drake’s book. I want to explore this a little more in The Notes today.

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