The Barefoot Philosopher

In which I explore my fundamental approach to philosophy and coaching. Issue #115 of The Coach’s Notes newsletter. Philosophy is fundamentally about life. But more specifically, it is about your life. Root around on the Internet a little bit, and you’ll find a book definition similar to this: philosophy is the study of knowledge, truth, […]

Your Personal Prime Directive

In which I share my personal prime directive and show others how they can craft a personal prime directive of their own. Issue #114 of The Coach’s Notes newsletter. What if we could translate the concept of the Prime Directive from the reaches of deep space into the world we inhabit? What if this principle […]

What’s the Score?

In which I head to the fields to reflect on my goals going into the second half of the year. Issue #113 of The Coach’s Notes newsletter. You know what? It just hit me that we’re already in the second half of the year. Time flies, doesn’t it? If we use an American football analogy, […]

There’s a beauty in doing absolutely nothing

In which I reflect on the importance of carving out time in our busy lives to do nothing except rest and relax, preferably away from your normal environment. Issue #110 of The Coach’s Notes newsletter. There’s a profound wisdom to be discovered in the leisurely turn of a page or the rhythmic lapping of ocean […]

Weaving reality and stories through social construction

In which I explore the notion that our reality and stories are socially constructed. Issue #109 of The Coach’s Notes Newsletter Happy summer solstice to you! Did you do anything special to celebrate the changing of the seasons? I was in Woking for the solstice, sitting through a two-day training course. I was on the […]

Angles, possibilities, and paths

In which I journey down to London and ponder how to be an active participant in life without being consumed by it? Issue #108 of The Coach’s Notes Newsletter. In the cool, rumbling interior of a train making its way down to London, I find myself absorbed in introspection. The ambient sounds of coughs punctuating […]

Making a living

In which I take a walk and contemplate what it means to make a living in issue #107 of The Coach’s Notes newsletter. Henry David Thoreau, the celebrated American philosopher and transcendentalist, once inquired, “What, precisely, do people ‘make’ when they ‘make a living?’” This seemingly simple query presents a profound existential riddle. What, indeed, […]