egg of being

Storming the walls

From my art journal today…I’ve been reflecting on Roberto Assagiol’s Egg of Being model lately. The various levels of consciousness and unconsciousness fascinate me, especially the hidden power contained in the unconscious. I would love to storm over the walls that separate my conscious mind from my unconscious mind. Art journaling offers an indirect peep into the unconscious by acting as a mirror and offering an insight into the unconscious mind by way of the language of metaphor which is …

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The Egg of Being

Today’s Coach’s Notes is going to be a bit of a mind-bender, which often happens when you talk about spiritual growth, Self-development, consciousness, and things of that nature. I’ve been getting the ship ready for another voyage into the murky waters of the unconscious mind in search of the “I” that is my True Self. I’ve sailed these seas in various forms in the past and now I’m ready for another inner adventure. This time I’m using as my guide, …

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