April 8, 2022

Is your intention sourcing from a good place?

Today’s coffee contemplation track from Where the Sun Rises, featuring Tony Duncan, Darrin Yazzie, and Jeremy Dancing Bull…

i found the question I’ve been looking for but didn’t know i was looking for it:

What is your intention?

I’ve been thinking about why we do what we do in this social construct we call the internet. some are fuelled by a desire to connect and be a part of a community. others are chasing the influencer-power game. others are driven by the desire to be their own boss in hot pursuit of laptop millionaire status. learning to sniff out which desire people are sourcing from when they post what they post is a skill or perhaps is becoming the 7th sense.

my desire is to connect with other seekers in search of spiritual, psychological, and philosophical truth. people whose desire is for something real and authentic. it’s been my experience that this is hard to find. it’s hard to cut through the noise, to reclaim the human nature that has been weaponized against us in the form of algorithms that manipulate our subconscious and hijack our thoughts.

are you really who you think you are? or have the machines already won the war for your mind through psychological manipulation and reprogramming you to believe you are in charge of YOU. who’s in charge really?

this is a spiritual wake-up call…


you’ve been living in a dream world…one that is hard to wake up from because it seems so lucid and real. but what is real if not a construct of the mind and if our minds have been invaded, subjugated, and reprogrammed, how will you really know what is real?


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