March 10, 2022

Are you a certainty junkie?

How do you tell the difference between the voice of reason and the voice of excuse?

So you know how when you have this big dream that you want to accomplish. In your heart, you want it so bad. You want it so bad you can taste it.

But your head has other ideas.

In your head, you start hearing what you think is the voice of reason telling you all of the reasons why now is not the time to pursue this dream.

You know the reasons, classics like:

But what if I do this and it goes horribly wrong? I could lose everything I’ve worked so hard for, and at my age, I can’t risk starting over from the beginning again. I’m too long in the tooth for that.

Or how about this one: 

I need more information.

I need more money.

I need more time, 

I need more data.

I need more merit badges that prove I’m worthy.

And the list goes on.

Or how about this sneaky one:

I’m not 100% sure what is it I want to do or where I want to be, so let me just hold off not rush into things, and see what happens

These all sound like reasonable things to do but what’s insidious about them is that they cause it to take no REAL action towards pursuing your dream.

You give in to the voice of excuse.

And I know you’ll come back at me and say, but no really, these are valid reasons.

And you’re right, they are. And that’s what is so insidious about them; they are excuses masquerading around as reasons.

In order to make something happen, have to take action

What’s really going on here is our need for certainty. We are hardwired to seek certainty. You want to know if you take ‘X’ action, you’re going to get ‘Y’ result. You want to know if you do this thing, it will be successful.

The thing is unless you’re some kind of psychic who can predict the future with 100% certainty, you’ll never know if the thing you’re going to do is going to be successful.

You have to take the risk of action. The only way you’ll know for certain is to take the action. Get a result. Then respond to the result you get. If it doesn’t work out, try something different. If it works out, good, on to the next thing.

So, the next time you stop yourself from actively pursuing your dream because your voice of reason told you now is not the time, challenge that voice and make sure it’s not the voice of excuse pretending to be the voice of reason.

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