The Barefoot Philosopher

In which I explore my fundamental approach to philosophy and coaching. Issue #115 of The Coach’s Notes newsletter. Philosophy is fundamentally about life. But more specifically, it is about your life. Root around on the Internet a little bit, and you’ll find a book definition similar to this: philosophy is the study of knowledge, truth, […]

Are you “Misliving?”

I read this morning from a philosopher that we are “misliving.” Basically he was suggesting that in our current lifestyle, we often misread, misinterpret, or misconstrue various aspects of our lives, which keeps us from living a truly meaningful life.

Why It’s Important to Update Your Belief Maps

In this episode, I explain why it’s important to keep your belief maps fresh and up-to-date. Our belief maps are how we navigate reality. Reality is subjective, of course, so how do we make sure our current view of reality is the most up-to-date?