We bow our heads in quiet
servitude to the dust, our lips
form prayers to gods, who
long ago abandoned us.

We huddle together in a candle
lit room; frankincense, jasmine,
and sage, form  broken patterns
in the air; amethyst rock, lapis lazuli,
crystal quartz, and rose guard the
four corners of the room, silent
sentries and witnesses to our gloom.

Here we try to replicate
perfect peace profound, but
how will we ever know peace
when we can’t recall her name?

We close our eyes to quiet our
minds and search for peace
against the turmoil of the day.
Eirene begins to cry, she knows
we will not find her here
among these relics of the past.

The guru takes the mic.
He’s seen the wondrous light
and has come to lead us there
to death’s dream kingdom.

His words, mellow and sweet,
strokes the back of our necks
and lulls us to sleep, and deeper
we travel to death’s other kingdom.

The guru licks his lips and passes
the offering plate around, let us pray!
The guru smiles, he knows we will
not see the light, how can we when
our eyes are closed?

Everyone is a complimentary therapist or healer it seems these days.  Go to any meditation group or spiritual gathering and most of the people in the room will be a practitioner  of some form of alternative therapy.  Most will be practicing their “art” part-time with ambitions to pursue their “passion” full-time.  This was certainly the situation I found myself in the other night when I attended a Christmas meditation with Larynn.

Larynn runs a therapy center out in the countryside of Southam on Glebe Farm.  It is situated amongst the serenity of open fields.  I arrived a few minutes late.  Driving around single track roads in the pitch dark can be disorienting.  The therapy room is spacious, has a fireplace, and is decorated with statues and pictures of iconic spiritual figures like Jesus and Buddha and a host of other prophets and gods that I don’t recognize.  There are candles and crystals to complete the sanctity of the room.

I must admit, I usually come to these types of events with my skeptic’s hat on.  I find it hard to relax and be open until I know if the person leading the event is authentic.  I know how easy it can be to delude oneself about these matters.  Delusion I can handle.  At least the deluded person believes what they are doing is real.  And we are all deluded in some way.  What I don’t like are the ones who are in the game for some other reason like preying on people’s fear and ignorance to dupe money out of them or the ones who do it to feed their ego.

Perhaps Larynn senses this.  She attempts to establish rapport with the group by way of sharing her story with us.

“Having pursued a successful career in senior positions in the automotive industry for the last 12 years, the last thing on my mind was a radical change in lifestyle to set up and run a farm based healing center for people and animals,” she says.

“As a trained engineer with a business degree, I have dismissed energetic healing and spiritual development as nonsense for years….until 5 years ago I experienced the power of healing energy on myself at a time of stress and inner restlessness and unhappiness.”

I find that this is a common theme for many therapists and counsellors.  The person’s life was a mess.  They found solace in therapy.  Their life got better as a result.  And then they feel drawn to become a therapist themselves and help other people in the way that they were helped.  I think it is noble that they want to help others.  But I wonder if there is a weak link in this chain.

Larynn says her name means “the one who brings the light to heal.”

“During my journey,” she explains, “I had several impacting and powerful spiritual experiences where my energy and physical bodies were ‘restructured’ to enable me to directly work with the divine in the form of Babaji.  My hands are activated to heal under divine guidance and I now have access to  the karmic structure of a client, often transforming deep seated traumas.”

I have no ‘scientific’ way to validate if Larynn’s words and experiences are true.  But my intuition tells me she is at least genuine in her belief and that she really wants to help people heal.  I can relax now and enjoy the evening.

Larynn asks us to choose a crystal to work with during our meditation.  I choose a lapis lazulis.  I have worked with lapis before.  It is suppose to aide in spiritual matters.  Larynn directs us to lie down and relax and once we settle she leads us through a guided meditation.  I personally think that guided meditations are a misnomer.  To me they are not meditation, but trance inductions.  The words Larynn is using are similar to the words and phrases I use when I use hypnosis to help people sort a problem they are having.  To me, meditation is an inner journey that a person has to take alone in full conscious awareness.

After our guided meditation, Larynn charges our heart chakras and we do an open invitation healing session for all beings in spirit who are seeking healing.

We finish the evening sharing our stories with each other, which brings us all closer together in friendship and understanding.  I leave feeling relaxed and connected.