What’s the Score?

In which I head to the fields to reflect on my goals going into the second half of the year. Issue #113 of The Coach’s Notes newsletter. You know what? It just hit me that we’re already in the second half of the year. Time flies, doesn’t it? If we use an American football analogy, […]

what you do best

As I work my way through The Seeker’s Guide, I naturally want to know more about Mitch Horowitz. I found an interview with him on The Creative Independent website that was published in October 2022. He seems like an interesting character with interesting things to say that resonate with my way of thinking. On the […]

the one thing

This is where I find myself on this grayest of gray days here in the UK. I stole it from an Amazon reviewer, who stole it from Gary Keller’s book, who stole it from the movie City Slickers. It is the summation of all my searching. a dialogue between Curly and Mitch… Curly: Do you […]

Achieving Success: The Importance of Fine-Tuning Your Goals

Merely writing down your goals is not a guarantee of success. To improve your chances of reaching your goals, you need to set an intention, examine your intent, create a ritual that is important to your goal, and take action. Ref: PSYCH-K… The Missing Piece/Peace In Your Life by Robert Williams

Do you have a plan B?

I like the idea of having no plan B.  I often tell the story of Gen. Grant and the siege of Vicksburg. Vicksburg was a strategic city on the Mississippi River during the Civil War. He who commanded Vicksburg commanded the Mississippi River and the supplies traveling up and down it. All of the Union […]

Goal Setting in Perspective

I’ve heard it said before that a goal without a deadline is just a dream. Now Tiago Forte has added a new perspective for me. “A project without a goal is a hobby; a goal without a project is a dream.” Tiago Forte