It’s been a while since I’ve done any drawing. Feeling that call again and this is what came out. Actually, it was the research I was doing on learning experience design and it’s intersection with design thinking and visual thinking that got me in the mood again. And all of that put me back in touch with cartoonist, Hugh Macloed, and the work he does over at gapingvoid that really inspired me to pick up my pen again.

One of the things i like about drawing digitally is that I can show you the evolution of the drawing. I mainly use Procreate when I make these, which gives you the option to record your pen strokes and export your process as a time lapsed video.

Pretty neat.


Today, my mood was up and down like a yo-yo.  Most likely because I’ve changed my eating pattern, but hey-ho the show must go on.

I really enjoyed making this picture.  It pretty much started from the egg-shaped head on the left and grew from there.  I’ll be doing more of these neo-expressionist style drawings.  I get lost in them and in losing myself, I find myself.

the unbeautiful web

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