Clay Lowe

Hey hey, good folks!

I’m Clay. I don’t know if you believe in destiny or fate, but think about this for a moment – your life and my life, through the law of cause and effect, have been heading towards each other since birth. And now, here we are, meeting at this particular time and place. That boggles my mind! 

Anyway, however you ended up here, I’m glad you did. Welcome. This site is full awesome content designed to provoke thought and encourage action toward your inner wisdom, personal power, and authenticity.

I post blogs, podcasts, videos, and microlearning courses about self-improvement, inner wisdom, philosophy, positive psychology, and mythic imagination.

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Personal Development


Our conversations shape our lives and relationships profoundly, often without us realising it. Each interaction presents an opportunity to connect

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embrace your questions

Self-questioning. It’s a simple phrase, yet profoundly powerful. I’ve been thinking a lot about the value of looking inward through

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