I’m excited to offer you this under-utilized, but super powerful form of coaching. It’s called e-coaching and uses email and a secure purpose-built mobile app as the primary vehicle for communication between coach and client.

It’s perfect for people who love the power of the written word and love to chew on ideas, think deeply, and reflect on an issue before coming to a conclusion and taking action.

The idea behind personal coaching is that we all have a basic desire to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life. And this is achieved when we are able to give full expression to our talents and potential.

On the personal side, this is known as self-actualization, which you may know from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. On the transpersonal side, you see this reflected in Assagioli’s Egg of Being. But, I’m getting ahead of myself here…


What Is e-Coaching?

In traditional coaching, we use conversation as the main vehicle to instigate change and help you achieve your dreams, goals, desires, and self-actualisation. We do this using models and tools that help you clarify what it is that you want, help you explore your options and identify your available resources, and then commit to action.

And as your coach, mentor, and guide I am there to support you through your journey until the goal is achieved and the prize won.

e-Coaching does the same things as traditional coaching, but it uses email and a secure mobile app as the primary means of communication between us (coach and client).

e-Coaching leverages the power of the written word, asynchronous reflection time, and deep thinking to achieve the same ends as traditional coaching. The written word has some unique benefits. To begin with, it gives us a permanent record to refer to and build upon. Plus, the process of writing creates greater commitment, which is crucial to effective coaching.

With e-coaching, our exchanges are more frequent and continuous and unhindered by geographic distances and time zones. You don’t have to spend time trying to synch schedules, or squeeze another Zoom meeting into the day. You can capture your thoughts, emotions, feelings and questions, in the moment, in an email or the app and send them to me whenever. You don’t have to wait until the next scheduled coaching session to deal with an issue. You’ll get a personal email or text-based response from me within 24 hours. Or if it’s urgent, and I am available, we can have the conversation using the mobile app’s secure chat function.

Who Is e-Coaching For?

You are a reflector and like to think deeply on an issue before giving a response.

You love the power of the written word.

You enjoy the frequency of communication during the week to help work through a problem or support you for a deeper accountability.

You like to work at your own pace.

You want to explore life coaching at a more affordable price.

You have a busy schedule and need to the freedom to communicate in a flexible environment.

You are juggling multiple priorities at home and at work and need the freedom to communicate in a flexible environment.

You are seeking personal transformation and are ready to do the deep work required.

What Kind of Things Can We Work On?

The great thing about e-coaching is it is customised just for you. We can work on matters big and small. We can explore meaning and purpose and self-discovery. Or we can work on life or career goals. The agenda is set by you. I am there with you as your coach, guide, and mentor to help you clarify your thinking, set clear goals, and hold the accountability space for you.

Red Pill

Blue Pill

If this feels like it’s for you, you can get started by subscribing to the monthly program (you can cancel anytime). So that I can give proper care and attention to each person, I do limit the number of members in the program.

If you are not sure yet if this is for you, and you would like to chat first, you can schedule a 30 minute call with me.