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August 8, 2019

Out of the blue

When you were younger did you ever have the feeling that you were headed for great things once you finished high school and headed off..
August 7, 2019

Desert Nights

So Toni Morrison has passed on to the afterlife, wherever or whatever that is. Obama dropped a nice tribute tweet to her in a more..
August 6, 2019

Invite the Gods of Chaos

It’s amazing how much of life is routine. I guess it has to be, otherwise we’d have chaos and chaos doesn’t make for good productivity..
August 5, 2019

A Statement and a Question

I felt a bit scrappy this morning along with an incredible urge to walk around naked. There must have been something in my coffee to..
October 17, 2009

sex sales and the whole world is buying

A young lady of 15 has written a letter to the local paper. She is lamenting about the rampant sexism in her school. She says..
October 7, 2009

news and world events

Re-engaging with the news and reading current affairs has reawakened a part of me that has lain dormant for many years now, probably since I..
October 6, 2009

what interests me

I’m in transition phase, which means I’m between projects.  I spent the doing some light research for my next project(s).  My morning reflection time yielding..
October 4, 2009


I feel the need for motion.  The past seven months I have been fully engaged with work behind the walls of the corporate castle, and..
December 11, 2008

journal pages

I drew an interesting mandala this morning.  Click on the imagine to get a bigger view.  By all means share your thoughts as to its..
February 12, 2008

what if i suddenly woke up in the middle of a forrest

Click the image to enlarge: Click the image to enlarge
December 6, 2007


I was bored out of my mind at a presentation when I drew this: (Click the image for a larger view)
October 10, 2007

random diary pages

(click the image for a larger view)
September 30, 2007

random diary pages

(click image for larger view) In addition to my blog, I keep a paper journal.  I thought I’d do a semi-regular posting of random pages..

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