The best way to decide if coaching is for you is to experience the power for yourself.

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"Well, I'm two thirds of the way through my coaching program with Clay and it has been transformative to say the least. Inspirational, exciting, exhausting and powerful. Every second is useful and I've made massive changes in my life. I Can highly recommend Coach Clay."
Aimee Mann
Manager, Entrust Care

What is coaching?

Coaching is a powerful tool for change and has shown to have a positive impact on self-confidence, wellness, and work performance. Your coach is in your corner to help you level up your purpose, passion, and clarity.

"I have worked with a lot of different coaches and Clay really blew my mind. It is relatively easy for a good coach to identify what you want to do, where you are going yet it takes a brilliant coach to help you identify how you get there and then get you to agree a clear, detailed action plan. Clay did just that yesterday - in a kind, compassionate and empathetic way while also challenging me."
Sandra Kanfer Clarke
Smadar Health

7 Reasons to hire a coach

"Clay is a great sounding board, whether on his advice around becoming more effective as a supervisor and employee or on assisting with meeting new contacts and developing an online profile. He has a real energy which is refreshing and motivates greater engagement from those in his presence."
Jeremy Hyde

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