Hi I’m Clay, thanks for stopping by. A little bit about me: I’m a training consultant and coach, as well as a blogger and podcaster. I love learning and thinking about things. I guess I’m a bit of a philosopher too.

Are you a certainty junkie?

How do you tell the difference between the voice of reason and the voice of excuse? So you know how when you have this big dream that you want to accomplish. In your heart, you want it so bad. You want it so bad you can taste it. But your head has other ideas. In your head, you start hearing what you think is the voice of reason telling you all of the reasons why now is not the time …

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What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

The Coach’s Notes #33 Do you know, even with a map, you can still get lost.  Even after 20 years in the game, I still have moments of doubt and feel the cold hand of despair squeezing my heart. Fortunately, I’m prepared for these moments. You see, I hold this mindset, this belief, this confidence that I know what to do when I don’t know what to do. I love the concept: of knowing what to do when you don’t …

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Considering quitting your job? You’re not alone!

An incredible 40% of workers globally are considering quitting their job this year. If you are one of them, here are some questions to ask yourself before making a move. Listen, if you’re in career transition mode or just about to shift into that space and need help sorting through the fog of uncertainty, schedule a free coaching session with me. I can help you gain clarity about your next move.

Do you think you could go 3 days without telling a lie of any kind?

It’s interesting how intricate lying is to our everyday life. Of course, we tend to gloss over the lies by calling them white-lies or quibbles (not telling the whole truth), or lies omission; plus there are the polite lies we tell to spare someone’s feelings, or to keep the peace, or to not track the boat and be a team player. In all honesty, how many lies, of any kind, have you told so far today? (Think: “how are you …

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The Social Clock Is Ticking? Are You On Track?

[LISTEN] The Coach’s Notes podcast is back! As before, I’ll be sharing with you things that I am curious about, or that I’ve been working through in terms of my personal development journey. I’ll also be interviewing other coaches and personal development experts to get their views on what’s trending in coaching and development. The sociologist Bernice Neugarten pointed out that members of society hold expectations of what people should have accomplished by certain points in their lives and if …

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On Expectations

Transcript Gretchen Rubin is probably most famous for the Happiness Project, which is a book she wrote a while ago. The book that she’s been pimping around of late, which I heard on a podcast that she was a guest on, was talking about the four tendencies. Now I am all into psychometrics and personality tests. I always like to give these a shot because it gives you another piece of the puzzle of YOU. As I was listening to …

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Is LQ (learnability quotient), the new cornerstone of career success?

Learnability quotient (LQ) is a term I stumbled upon this week Learnability is being cited as a key skill to have in 2022 and beyond. The accelerated pace of change in the modern world of work continues to render certain skills and knowledge obsolete. This is forcing many in the workforce to have to acquire new skills and knowledge in order to stay relevant. As Chris Gray points out: As technological innovation accelerates the pace of change, there is growing …

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hard reset

I’ve gone and blown up my website, which is something I am often prone to do from time to time. I wanted to reclaim the domain for my training and development work. I’m also not one for waiting to have the site fully developed before making it public, so this will very much be a living work in progress and will evolve over time. For now, I’ll lead with the blog. If you’re looking for my professional info, you …

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