Hi, I’m Clay. Among other things, I’m a blogger, podcaster, and content creator. I’ve been blogging since 2004. So this blog has seen many a change in style, content, and theme. She’s been mothballed and neglected a few times, but always manages to be resurrected. I can’t seem to stay away from the medium of blogging for long. It’s a great place for self-expression and documenting life in general.

The current trajectory I’m on is one of creativity and artistic expression through language. Though I dabble in visual expression, and like audio as art, my true love is playing with words. Since I was 16, I have secretly yearned to be a poet, but have never felt comfortable wearing it as a title. It feels like a title that should be conferred to you, not taken. So instead, I continue to play with words and leave it to others to decide what my title should be.

The other thing I’m keen to do this time around is be a part of a community of bloggers. So if you’re on WordPress, connect with me there and let’s play together in the comments of each other’s blogs.

If, like me, you’ve come to accept that there’s no getting away from social media, then link up with me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and my newest playground Mastodon Social.