January 6, 2023

Einstein’s Law of Focus

Hello, good folks. Here are 10 things I thought were worth sharing this week:

1. According to a new study, employees now see a vibrant learning & development (L&D) culture as a key part of what makes a company a great place to work in 2022—and beyond.

2. A new studies suggest powerful strategies that anyone can use to build greater willpower – with huge benefits for your health, productivity and happiness.

3. When you send mixed messages by failing to be straightforward, people make assumptions about how you feel. Avoid these phrases that only serve to irritate the listener.

4. The dark side of workplace recognition. Recognition helps maintain the relationships that are vital to our health, happiness, and fulfillment.   But our natural desire for it can also lead us to nurture unhealthy relationships and workplace cultures.

5. Even those who hate the term “resolution” likely have career goals for the year ahead. Whether it is starting a leadership position, growing as a thought leader in your industry, or completely redirecting your career path, almost everyone has something they are trying to achieve professionally. Here are some simple things you can do to ensure that you reach your career goals in 2023. And, they all start with self-reflection and self-discovery.

6. Einstein’s Law of Focus: How to Be More Productive, Accomplished, and Fulfilled, Starting Today. According to Einstein, what you decide not to do can make all the difference.

7. Whether you want to change jobs or prepare for the next-level role, the most important thing to know about upskilling is that every employee needs to be doing it all the time. Jobs are changing as business demands change, and employees are expected to prove their value with increasingly higher expectations. There are plenty of ways to educate yourself and upskill without going back for a traditional undergraduate or graduate degree. The author presents five ways to upskill without going back to school.

8. In today’s plugged-in, always-on world, people are faced with a barrage of information. Evolution favored quality over quantity, says professor of psychology. Paying more attention and savoring special events can help you remember life’s moments.

9. Why do you get sick in the winter? Blame your nose!

10. The difference between habits and routines could be the key to your success in 2023.

 Thanks for reading. Enjoy the rest of your week.

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