February 6, 2022

hard reset

I’ve gone and blown up my website, which is something I am often prone to do from time to time. I wanted to reclaim the claylowe.com domain for my training and development work.

I’m also not one for waiting to have the site fully developed before making it public, so this will very much be a living work in progress and will evolve over time.

For now, I’ll lead with the blog. If you’re looking for my professional info, you can check out my LinkedIn profile. If you’re after more personal stuff, check out my soulcruzer.com blog or my latest indieweb project – the digital calm.

What you can expect to find on this site is all things related to training, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, psychometrics, neuro-linguistic programming, digital learning tech, and any other methodologies that help us obtain a state of arete (excellence in all the ways a person can be excellent physically, mentally, intellectually, spiritually and practically).

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