Coffee Notes: Thursday, 19 November 2020

What’s happening in coffee notes world? I’ve been engrossed in work, not much time spent in reflection. I feel like I’ve lost days or lost track of time or me in time. Maybe that’s it, I’ve lost track of “me” or the version of me that is the closest to my true self. Instead I’ve been in the full character of one of my personas – my work persona, my “home” persona (the person i am with the family). Or have I just been in time, in the present moment with little time reflecting on the past or ruminating about the future. But it feels more like I’ve been asleep and am only now just waking up as I sit here to write these notes. Have I been sleep-walking these past couple of days? Is this what it means to be trapped in the illusion of the real world?

“Why are you worshipping the teapot instead of drinking the tea?” 

The search for enlightenment is a fool’s errand and is doomed to fail because as Wu Hsin said “all searching is for some thing and that which is being sought is no thing. And if it is not an object, how can it be found?

 Just sitting;
 Without a goal,
 Without a schedule,
 Without an intention,
 Without form and
 Without deliberateness.
 The seed opens into the fruit.
 Just sitting.
 Can I just sit here with my coffee? Does that count?