Coffee Notes: Saturday, 14 November 2020

Another goal, I’ve added to my list of goals this week is to fall in love with writing again. Writing is the beginning of everything I do, my videos – scriptwriting, my podcast – scriptwriting, social media posts, all of it begins with writing because writing is thoughts turned visible.

And of course, a good place to practice is here on my blog and in my Day One journal, and in my note-taking, the note-taking is key because they are the raw thoughts and observations that later turn into a piece of writing, or video, or audio

I watched a youtube video that talked about the covert adult sub-content in Scooby-Doo The Movie. I laughed out loud watching the clips, not because of the sexual overtones or the nods to drug culture the video points out, but just because it’s a funny movie. And of course, now I have to go back and watch the full movie – a task for this weekend.

I bought the new Mac Mini with the new Apple Silicon chip the M1.  Since the pandemic began I’ve been doing more and more video and audio editing. My MacBook Air is struggling to keep up. I’ve been contemplating upgrading to the 16in MacBook Pro that everybody raves about. The specs do look impressive, but with that impressiveness comes a hefty price tag! I don’t feel comfortable parting with that kind of cash given the current economic climate. The new Mac Mini made sense to buy. More power, more speed, at the fraction of the cost of a new MacBook Pro, especially since I already have an Apple Keyboard, a decent enough monitor, and an Apple Mouse. In other words, I don’t have to buy any of the peripherals you’d have to buy if buying a Mac Mini was your first computer. I have everything ready to plugin once the mini arrives.

The Mac Mini is a desktop. I know most people buy laptops these days or tablet PCs.  The pandemic has shifted most of my work to home, at my desk.  Where before the pandemic, I traveled a lot for work – all around the UK, Germany, France, and Spain – now all that’s done via Zoom! So now that I’m deskbound all day, I can do with more screen real estate (save my old eyes). 

I can see my laptop becoming obsolete.  When I’m not on it, I’m on my iPad Pro.  I can see the mini muscling out the laptop when I need to do my heavy lifting computer work and the iPad Pro and iPhone taking care of everything else (yes I’m an Apple fanboy, if you haven’t guessed already!)

Anyway, enough geeky computer talk.