Who’s obsessed with pinball? I used to be back in the day. I picked up the habit up from my Aunt Valerie who was super obsessed with the game. She used to drag me along to the corner shop and play for hours (or at least seemed like hours for a little kid who wanted to be outside playing with his friends). I remember one time while she was playing, she had me hold her paperbag full of cream-filled cookies. I remember there were a mix of flavours – strawberry, vanilla, lemon…lemon was my favourite. I got so bored waiting (and hungry I guess) I licked all the cream out of the cookies and put them back together, and then put them back in the bag. I didn’t think she’d notice. Later, when she went to eat her cookies, she most certainly did notice and I took a clobbering for it! I decided being a cookie monster wasn’t worth the pain.

I learned to play pinball instead.

Here’s a piece from Quartz on the history and state of play of pinball machines now in an age obsessed with video games.

Did you know…

Although pinball seems downright wholesome these days, it was considered anything but when it debuted in the 1930s. At best, having a pinball machine or two in your establishment might earn the owner a bit of a seedy reputation. And at worst, it would land the owner in jail, complete with a hefty fine.

I might do what my Internet friend Albert Z did and buy an old pinball machine.

“Pinball is in between the industrial revolution and the information age. Pinball is a warm entertainment. It’s electronic, but it’s still wood and metal. It’s still about using the heel of your hand to knock a big, giant machine so that Martians can die. Video games aren’t about physical interaction; they’re about information interaction.”

Pat Blashill, writer and “professional pinball obsessive”

I felt compelled to stay up late watching 80s videos. So many teenage memories flooded through my half-baked brain. Not such a great idea when you’re on the backside of 50 wondering where all the time went. Watching these videos reminded me of time when all I wanted to do was rule the world. Back then, you couldn’t tell me nothing. I knew how everything worked. I had it all figured out.

Of course now I’m not so sure anymore.

I picked up a copy of Hadley Freeman’s book, Life Moves Pretty Fast: The Lessons We Learned from Eighties Movies (And Why We Don’t Learn from Movies and More. I wanted to see what lessons I should have learned, which now elude me.

Last night, I turned to Beverly Hills Cop for some answers. Really I just wanted some light entertainment and BHC is easily my favourite Eddie Murphy movie. But there were lessons:

  • Don’t always play by the rules
  • Rules were made to be broken
  • Use you intution
  • Heart over head
  • And sometimes, the ends do justify the means!

Today, one of my normal walks turned into a little mini-adventure on account of the floods produced by all this rain we’ve had over the past few days.

It started off innocent enough:

Then it heated up a little:

And finally it came to this:

All in a good Sunday.

I have the crew together who are doing a 30 Day blogging challenge with me that starts on 4 November. The folks include:

Cathy – my long-time blogging buddy

Zoltan – Mr bassplayer extrodinaire

Aimee – my collaboration partner in crime

Dave – my Twitter buddy

Raine – a fellow trainer who goes waaaaay back to our MLHSBC days!

So we have some blogging newbies, some veterans, and some inbetweeners. I’m looking forward to the challenge!


I love the momentum that’s being regained by the personal blogging genre.

I’m working on forming new habits with the Internet. The last couple of day i’ve spent the majority of my day re-wiring my blog to IndieWeb standards, which has meant a lot of reading about the IndieWeb and exploring other IndieWeb writer’s blogs.

I’ve also been tinkering under the hood of my site and inevitably it crashed – twice! Ah! Just like the old days of the web when you’d spend hours trying to figure things out and experiment and have those experiments fail and then hopping on the forums to try and source an answer. It’s also been nice to write in a more relaxed manner without worry about whether or not what I am writing conforms to some marketing standard. I can let my blog be an extension of me – a place where I can share little pieces of the world through my eyes.

I felt like capping off the evening with something 80s. I need an 80s movie fest. In fact, time for a little Beverly Hills Cop, one of Eddie’s best movies in miy opinion.

Well the house officially looks like a disaster area. We had to empty of bedroom to make space for our ne wardrobe to be fitted. It’s crazy how much stuff we have crammed in our room. Well all that stuff is now spread out all over the house. The only room that doesn’t have anything in it from our bedroom is the kitchen!

In amongst all of this, I’ve been redoing my blog to be inline with IndieWeb specs. That entailed changing the theme and using Elementor to design the right look. I’ll still have quite a bit of tinkering to do get it right. In fact, my ISP locked my into of my account when I triend to use Quill to try posting to the site outside of using the WordPress editor.

The endgame is to make my blog the central hub to all of my comings and goings on the web. It’s been a long time coming getting back into personal blogging and participating on the social-web as an Indie web guy and extracting myself from being solely depended on the “walled gardens” of the big commercial platforms. I know I’m not going to toatlly be able to get away the corporate giants of social media, especially since that’s where the masses continue to hang out despite all of the negativity surrender the corporate controlled platforms.

Last thing I’ll say before I get back to putting my place back together, and that is, It’s likely to be a bit messy around here on my blog as play with and experiement with the various apps associated with the IndieWeb movement.


Meriel Swain asked the question, “What will your epilogue say?” I paused for a second to reflect on her question, but all I could come up with this “His name was Clay. He played the game well enough to have more good days than bad days .” That’s all I could muster before being distracted by Mitt Romney’s secret Twitter account. 

My days are long!

05:00 start, so you can imagine by the time 23:00 rolls around, I’m pretty beat. It’s not so bad on my non-client facing days because I can take extended breaks through out the day and still squeeze in everything I want to do. On my client facing days, the story is a little different. I’m in full-on engagement mode with my client and so have very little time for reflection or writing during the day.  My intent is to doing it in the evening. The problem is, if I go to the gym after dinner, then that’s me done. I come back with good intentions, but having spent the last of my reserves pumping iron, there’s just nothing left in the tank. I try. Boy do i try. But mostly all I do is nod off at the keyboard until Ruth tells me to go to bed.

My only option is to skip the gym. I know…boo…hiss…boo. “You gotta go to the gym,” that’s what my good voice keeps saying. My bad voice, on the hand, be like “nah, forget the gym, you’ve got shit to do!” Both voices are right. But I don’t have the reserves to do both.

Like tonight I skipped the gym. Oh let me rephrase that; I took a rest day. And now it’s 8 minutes to 11 and I’m still up cranking away on stuff like writing this post. Plus I made this video which is a down and dirty overview of the open-sourced, social networking app called Riot.

I’m left with a dilemma. And like Bart said, “You’re damned if you do; and you’re damned if you don’t.”

The new PureGym opens in a couple of weeks. It’s one of those 24hr gyms. I’m thinking of changing up my tune and working out in the morning, and getting my ass under some weights before I do anything else (except having my morning cup of joe of course).

Anyway, here’s a link to the soulcruzer lounge, join me, even if it’s only to help me experiement with the platform.


I played PUBG with Jeremy last night. It’s been 142 days since I last played. 1) where does the time go? 2) Shows you how much of a gamer I am!???? I like games, but always feel guilty if i whittle away hours playing them. In my head, I keep thinking how many pages I could have read in those hours I spent playing? I know games are important too, but it’s hard to shake the notion that games, while pleasant to play, are time wasting activity.

Which brings me to Monday morning and thinking how can I be ridiculously productive today?

A couple of responses I got back from the crowd:



Over the weekend, I worked through the question of how to be as close to the open web as possible, and by that I mean how to extract myself from the walled gardens like Facebook and Twitter and all the rest, and use open sourced software and play in places whose business model isn’t driven by algorithms that exploit my personal data?

Micro.blog is one solution. I have a presence there. Also @TheEinarkist recommended Riot (which I’ve yet to sign up for) and PeerTube and Mastodon. I’ll explore all of these at some point. I have set up a micro.blog account if you want to check that out. The community there have been very welcoming so far.

All of this is closely related to my return to personal blogging versus blogging as a content marketing channel for business. The reason I started blogging in the first place was a channel for self-expression. Then the idea that you could make money from blogging kept oozing in through the seams as marketers began to dominate the social web bent on convincing people that even the Average Joe or Jane could quit their jobs and become full-time bloggers. I’ve always been more about readership than money (although a couple of pennies would be nice to pay for hosting and stuff, so click on those darn amazon affiliate links when I post them!). The hook that I always bit on the marketing line was “if you niche they will come.” Not fully realising until now that as a personal blogger, my niche is me!

Personal blogging is blogging about the things you care about and find interesting. And maybe along the way, you’ll bump into people who care about the same things. So that is where I’m at now with all this blogging stuff – writing about the stuff that interests me and connecting with other bloggers who are into the same thing.

Which brings me back to the open web. I’m on a hunt to find other bloggers and such who are outsiders like me. Drop me a link to your blog in the comments.