December 18, 2018

Find Your Freedom

This week we explore the give and take of freedom. Are we really free and is the freedom we do have, balanced?

Audio Show Notes

[:15] Wu Wei update – Sarah’s going to try harder and Clay’s efforts to stop squashing his brain

[3:50] Sarah’s reflections on three kinds of freedom – financial, time and mental freedom

[4:43] Ways certain kinds of freedom can constraint other kinds of freedom

[6:30] Sarah’s novel – trading kinds of freedom for others, what it means in our messy lives

[10:02] Status Anxiety – Clay’s thoughts on the repercussions of our search for financial freedom

[11:25] What freedoms do you care about?

[15:20] Reflecting more deeply on mental freedom

[16:32] Clay discusses documentary on Tina Turner

[18:15] The difference between “Freedom from” vs. “Freedom for”

[20:15] Clay has his Matrix moment – are we really free?

[23:05] Freedom as being in the present moment

[33.55] Clay ponders the hive mind, Google and how connected we are

[35:15] How is Gen X getting along in this connected world

[37:05] Is the ultra-connected world a bad thing or full of opportunities

[41:15] Sarah reflects the difference between speaking to one and to many

[44:32] Clay’s efforts to use social media to connect with individuals rather than broadcasting messages to everyone

[45:45] the freedom of the web

[46:05] The inventor of the internet creates the web 3.0, freedom from algorithms and data mining

[50:03] Sarah & Clay get personal on financial, time and mental freedom – applying these things to your life

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