I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve destroyed this site in order to rebuild it. Reminds of the Good Place season 2, when has to keep resetting his personal block of Hell trying to get the main characters to stop discovering that they are, in fact, in Hell, not Heaven.

That being said, here we go again…

This site is now my portal site, you can come here to find out what I’m up to in all my areas of the Internet and Social Media. I’d like to say that this will be the last time I destroy this site, but we’ll see…

Until then bookmark it or RSS feed it.

imagine the slow-released madness placed under the tongue

my friend and I have a bet that his face is too tight under his skin, a pale ghost milked by his masters to prolong life in the dark place

where it’s too hard to see tomorrow,

by now she could see the decades of self-sacrifice, a mind-at-large in hyperspace. She was long gone by now though.

Me – just another caged animal let out for mom’s amusement.