Month: December 2017

Just before I leave 2017

New Year’s Eve. What better time for a wander through the woods and some contemplation before all of the festivities start this evening. Hope you all have a great night and if you haven’t gotten around to signing up for the 30 Day Contemplation Challenge tap here and tell us where to send it. It all …

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in a view that looks the same

in a view that looks the same nothing changes except time the rain washed away the early morning silence leaving in it’s passing patches of white like tiny barren islands are all that remain of the snow on my block

Factory Reset on the Supplements

I’m going all natural baby! So i’m going into pushing heavy weights phase and this time I want to do it without supplements, you know like back in the days when I didn’t have the money to buy supplements so just ate loads of peanut butter and jam sandwiches.  I thought I’d catch up with …

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You are what you listen to can show you who you are through your music. Interesting. For instance, 75% of my music is energetic and is 68% of that is Rock music. And this is the playlist it suggested for me based of my musical listening habits: