I exist because I think too much

I seem to have an existential crisis every other week. At least I’m not alone. Someone in the Guardian asked, “What is an existential crisis?”

One brain box answered:

It’s what happens when the foundation of one’s most basic assumptions ( i.e. what one is living for, who one is, etc) is eroded to the point that nothing stands on it any longer. Once this happens, the person realises their entire life has been lived in falsehood, because what they were living for (if anything) was an empty purpose. This is what is called despair.

Now if you find yourself in this position, there are three things you can do (paraphrasing Kierkegaard here):

1. Attempt to continually distract yourself so that you never have to face the fact that your life stands for nothing.

2. Attempt to create a new purpose through right living, or

3. Attempt to find a new purpose in something external to yourself.

There is a fourth option, but I don’t recommend it, declare yourself an existential cartoonist, start a blog that nobody reads, and count the days until your wife kicks you out of the house.


Dave Anderson August 12, 2016

Oh – you need to progress option 4 to option 2, Clay. My guess is your doing this but not recognising it because of the situation you find yourself in.

Make sure option 2 features your art, music, health & life musings. Be a disciple for these and your blog followers will surely come.

I cannot help you with the wife stuff. But are you communicating? It strikes me you’re a busy guy amongst many friends but is lonely.

Clay August 13, 2016

Hi Dave,

I guess my attempt at humour failed. But I guess in all humour is truth. The truths here… existentialism, being an existentialist cartoonist. Oh and i’m frequently busy, often alone, but not lonely. The stuff about the wife, not true.

Thanks for your comments though bro, much appreciated.


Catherine Kunst August 16, 2016

Clay – I started laughing at this post, but then figured I should check in and make sure all is OK. Hope you are.

Clay August 16, 2016

Hi Cathy,

Yes everything is fine. I was trying to be humorous, so at least you did laugh. 🙂