A small gathering of people braved the rain to huddle around George Orwell’s grave in Sutton Courtenay to discuss current affairs of state, government and society. The big topic this year was Brexit and the aftermath of the general referendum.


1984 – David Bowie
Spies – Coldplay
Talk Shows on Mute – Incubus
Citizen Erased – Muse
Testify – Rage Against the Machine

Interviewer – Christian Payne aka @Documentally

I’m finally starting to make some progress on migrating the Soulcruzer Podcast #audiomo entries over to their new home here.  I decided to host the podcast with Libsyn, although I did look at other options like Soundcloud and Blubrry PowerPress.  I chose Libsyn because it had more feature I envision myself using later on down the track like a dedicated iOS app and being able to publish to TuneIn and Spotify in addition to iTunes.