iworkout muse:

For you workout bunnies with an iPhone this a great app for circuit trainning.  You set the work period and the rest period, pick your play list and go.  A high speed, low drag MR Motivator counts you in and out of each set.  I love it when he says: “Crank it! In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, go…”

I hate days that pass so fast that you can’t remember what happened. I can remember waking up, catching a train to London, blinking and waking up on a train again headed north. Oh I do remember sitting next to a random blond discussing the merits of always carrying an umbrella with you if you live in England. It seems her boyfriend told her she didn’t need to carry an umbrella today. Up to 13:30 he was right, she didn’t need an umbrella. Then God opened up the heavens and poured out his bath water and her I sat and watched the people scramble to get out of the rain. Stimulating conversation I know. That over I returned to eating my ham and cheese sandwich and reading about a guy with a fascination for serial killers.

Would you rather a life of difficult freedom or comfortable slavery? What I mean by comfortable freedom is that you are free to do what you want, but you know that you are slave (with a benevolent master). And by difficult freedom I mean life is hard but you are totally free. Put another way, would you rather be plugged or unplugged (to borrow a phrase from The Matrix)?