Hey it’s my birthday.  Number 42.  A year that I have been looking forward to since I turned 40.  As years go 40 is a milestone, life beginning at 40 and all of that.  But 41, to me, seemed to be a write off, nothing special.  42 however, has the element of magic about it, considering Douglas Adams named it the answer to the Universe.  So here’s to 42.  Let the good times roll.

I am launching a new site tomorrow.  Here’s the preamble:

All of life is important and deserves one’s full presence and attention. There are no ordinary moments.
This is a blog about doing new things, small things that encourage you to learn more about yourself and the world around you.  Each day I’ll post a new task for you to do. Complete the task and share your experience in the comments section.

Yours truly,
The Naked Philosopher

Watch this space for the launch.

P.S.  Please do participate.  You’ll be glad you did. – Clay

One big blur. That was my yesterday. A day consumed by meetings. Important meetings, but never the less, the killer of getting things done.

I stumbled upon Tom Hodgkinson’s website, the Idler. I was inspired enough by the concept that I bought two of his books, How to be Idle and How to be Free. My first purchases from iBooks. (I am really getting hooked on the iPad. I don’t even carry my MacBook with me anymore.)

How to be Free kept me busy on my train journeys. Tom’s style is to rant. He rants against a system he perceives as oppressive and detrimentally to our ability to live free of the consumer society we find ourselves drowning in day to day. I like the ideas in the book, which should help me put up with the ‘rant against the system’ style in which the book is written. I’ll write a complete review later once I finish the book.

(sorry for not including links within the text, I am writing this post on the go from my iPhone.)

I have in mind to evolve, to break out of habits that bind me, that confine me, that leave my soul a stagnate pool of green slime. My habits are vicious little gnomes that enslave my behaviors, perceptions, emotions, and thoughts and limit my range of possibilities in a limitless world. I think it is time to fight and win back some of the freedom I’ve given up, whatever the cost.

After a week of train travel, I needed a break from motion, so I opted for a chilled out weekend at home doing something close to nothing. We did manage to catch The Karate Kid, which I enjoyed. I love Jackie Chan. He seems like a real down to earth guy who loves what he does. The story stayed true to the original, while adding it’s own particular flavor to the franchise. The karate, er I mean Kung-fu, was 100 times better than the original. I do agree with some of the critics. The movie could have been about a half hour shorter, basically the beginning was slow with all the saying goodbyes, the journeys in taxis, and the plane ride. But once the film got rolling proper, I was hooked. Oh yeah, awesome move at the end.