Month: September 2008

song meme

A good friend of mine, Tim Clague, tagged me with the song meme.  I don’t usually do the memes, but Tim is like a demi-god so I thought I’d better do it or face his god like vengeance.  Anyway here are the instructions: Find a song that sums up what you think it means to …

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found my head

I had a spell of enlightenment.  I chased that down with a cold patch of dark madness.  I found my head again, but now I am fighting boredom.  I want peace, love, and harmony on the one hand; and on the other, I want beer, battle, and bitches.  I keep thinking there has to be …

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young and free

She is young.  She is single.  She has no ties.  She could up and leave at a moments notice.  She could travel the world if she wanted to.  Every day she sits in the same coffee house, at the same time, drinking the same drink, wearing the same dark blue colors.  She sits talking to …

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I met a girl named Josephine today.  She reminded me of the old army cadence we used to sing about a girl named Josephine and it went something like this: Hey Hey Josephine How do you do Do you remember me baby Like I remember you We used to meet out yonder Behind your old …

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friendships come and go

I heard the door close on three good friendships this week. As I listened to their footsteps stagger down the street, I paused to reflect as to why.  Friendships, it seems to me, tend to gently drift apart over the course of time.  Unless, of course, the friendship ends because of some injustice perceived between …

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under her wheels

her legs are long her heart is black listening to her cradle song is a natural aphrodisiac into her arms i fly her cherry bosoms bloom a dazed alumni of her secret room i’m under her wheels now praying for time to end if only god would allow her to find a new boyfriend