June 7, 2008

back on the path


I’ve been up in Scotland this week, working in the lovely city of Stirling. This is the first time I’ve been here during summer-ish season, so it was good to be able to wandering around the city in the evening and sit outside sipping coffee and people watching.


I finished reading No Destination and as I suspected the book did not reach me by accident. There was some powerful messages in the text that are directly relate to where I am in my own journey. Words that I needed to hear and words that I have helped me reset my compass. I feel more relaxed and at ease than I have ever felt before, and now I can get on with my journey.

I sat out in the garden at about 6 this morning, under a beautifully blue sky, enjoying the birds flocking about in the trees singing crazy tunes. Everything looked brighter and more colorful. I could feel the energy of every living thing around me.

And this energy lifted my spirit.

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