Month: June 2008

server crash

The server my blog sits on crashed, which is why the site has been so flaky these last couple of days.  Everything has now been migrated over to a new server.  I now have to upgrade wordpress.  Fingers crossed that the process goes well.

STFU and Do It

Today was a standard day. I was out most of the day. During my morning reading session I finished Bernard Williams’ essay on Plato. I didn’t know Plato is considered the father of philosophy. I am amazed at how much Western Thought even after all these years is shaped by Plato’s thoughts. I learned from …

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tear down the walls

Tear down the walls that hold you fixed in place. Shatter the illusions you have carefully constructed to protect yourself. Learn to see through eyes that know no fear and embrace that which can’t be known. A court is in session, a verdict is in No appeal on the docket today Just my own sin …

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the dreamer

Buddy is bored with his life. Working at the local Office Max sucks.  All he does is make copies for people and stacks shelves.  He only took the job because his mom threatened to kick him out of the house, which would seem like a drastic thing to do if Buddy wasn’t a 32-year-old man …

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the great debators

I have not seen the movie The Great Debaters starring Denzel Washington, Forest Whitaker, and Kimberly Elise. But after reading a review by Robert Piluso I am heading straight to Love Film and order it. The movie is based on the true story of the 1935 Wiley College Debate Team and their iconoclast teacher Melvin …

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The Barefoot Doctor has a new book out called Pure. I like Barefoot’s style and humorous take on theTao and the Taoist philosophy of Wei Wu.Even though I am a fan of the Barefoot Doctor, I have to admit that this volume doesn’t offer any new ideas. For the most part it reads like a …

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back on the path

I’ve been up in Scotland this week, working in the lovely city of Stirling. This is the first time I’ve been here during summer-ish season, so it was good to be able to wandering around the city in the evening and sit outside sipping coffee and people watching. I finished reading No Destination and as …

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