Month: May 2008

no destination

I finished the dice man this morning and was contemplating what to read next. And then at 9 o’clock this morning the postman delivered an unexpected package. I opened it to find a book that I didn’t remember ordering. I opened the front cover and there was a note from my best friend Ed. The …

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the road

In my mind’s eye I am standing on a road I can only see as far as my eyes can see I stand on the road and I think about taking a step Is my life governed by God, by Fate or by Chance? I take a step. Is it a step of my own …

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unconscious mutterings

Thought I’d play along: Referral :: Friend Indiana :: Jones Foil :: Stop Horizon :: Distant Event :: Driven Sailing :: Home Footage :: Old Sunday :: Booty Breathtaking :: View Dude! :: Friend If you want to play along go here. P.S. thanks Lady Banana

seven song meme

Beaman hit me with the 7 song meme.  This may be cheating a little bit, but the best way to find out what music I am into at the moment is to check out my lastFm page.  That’s tell all you want to know about my recent music habits.

am i really that selfish?

I’m reading Richard Wiseman’s book, Quirkology: the curious science of everyday lives, and in it he talks about the personality profiling work of Hans Eysenck a pioneer in the field of personality research. Through research and statistical analysis Eysenck determined that personality is composed of three main elements: Extroversion, Neuroticism, and Psychoticism. Most current researchers …

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crazy in time

I’ve been on the move essentially since I’ve been back from Poland. I had a day and bit off and then I had to pack my suitcase and hit the road again for a few days to deliver another leadership course. My blogging has slowed down a bit mainly from being on the move, but …

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