sharing it No.1

To fuel your addiction to surfing, I thought I’d create a category to share sites that I find interesting and seem worthy of a visit.

Like a lot of webheads, I spend probably more time than I should surfing the Net.   When it comes to surfing, I’m like a sentinel in the Matrix on a search and destroy mission, looking for useful information.  If the site is good, I stay.  If not, zap, boom, bang, gone!
The first two I’ll share with you are both based on cutting edge interactive design display of information.

If you are music buff, Musicovery is a site that lets you explore music according to your mood, tempo, genre etc.  I like the mood search, which for some reason I always set to dark.

For newshounds, I found Newsmaps, which visually reflects the Google news aggregator and creates a treemap visualization algorithm or something or another…it sounds complicated, but looks great.  If you are a person who takes in information visually, you’ll love this.


rawdawgbuffalo February 25, 2008

that looks like something from 20000 leagues under the sea

Beaman February 28, 2008

The Newsmap is excellent. Just my type of thing. 🙂 Thanks for the link.

Clay Lowe February 28, 2008

raw – indeed

beaman – your welcome