To fuel your addiction to surfing, I thought I’d create a category to share sites that I find interesting and seem worthy of a visit.

Like a lot of webheads, I spend probably more time than I should surfing the Net.   When it comes to surfing, I’m like a sentinel in the Matrix on a search and destroy mission, looking for useful information.  If the site is good, I stay.  If not, zap, boom, bang, gone!
The first two I’ll share with you are both based on cutting edge interactive design display of information.

If you are music buff, Musicovery is a site that lets you explore music according to your mood, tempo, genre etc.  I like the mood search, which for some reason I always set to dark.

For newshounds, I found Newsmaps, which visually reflects the Google news aggregator and creates a treemap visualization algorithm or something or another…it sounds complicated, but looks great.  If you are a person who takes in information visually, you’ll love this.

In the twitterverse we are all little messiahs trying to convert the army of the masses into followers. Compared to twitter gods and goddesses like emilychange (2,358 followers) and calilewis (4,435 followers) and waynesutton (1,282 followers), I am an insignificant messiah with only 21 followers. I’ve got to do something about increasing the numbers in the temple before I lose my guru status.

I’ve spent the last 3 nights in The Selfridge.

Hotel rooms make me incredibly sleepy.  Like a bear, I go into hibernation the moment I crawl underneath the sheets of a strange bed.  I just want to sleep and sleep and sleep.  Unlike at home where I sleep on average only 5 hours a night and am up before the sun most mornings, including the weekend.

I read an article that said men sleep better alone.  Perhaps I am a testament to this premise.


London is truly a diverse cultural experience.  I know it’s sad, but of all the restaurants I could have eaten at in London last night, I chose to dine on the fine cuisine of a Big Mac and large fries.  The truth is I really wasn’t in the mood for a proper sit down meal.  Anyway, I say London is truly diverse because while sitting in the downstairs eating area, I couldn’t help but noticed that there was very little English being spoken.  In fact, if you were to close your eyes, you wouldn’t be able to tell what country you were in.


Success is a choice, not a lottery.


And just in case you wanted to know:

Ontology is the study of conceptions of reality and the nature of being.  But what is real right?

I spent some time in the Brecon Beacons yesterday with some friends.  We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect mountain day.  The sun shone bright against a blue sky offering us some warmth out of the shadows.  We walked a trail that is less frequented by the casual weekend hiker, which meant we basically had the mountain to ourselves, passing less than 10 people on a 6-hour hike.

As usual, we spent a great deal of time sharing our stories and the challenges we are currently facing in our day to day lives.   When I share my story with others, I feel less alone and come to appreciate how much we are all the same at some basic level of being human.  A good mountain day strengthens that bond as we whittle away the miles together.

I did take pictures of the walk, but unfortunately I left my camera with Will.  So I’ll have to post them another time.