Month: January 2008


Creation…the greatest gift of life is expressed through our choices.  Through our choices we create our realities.  Shatter the illusion.  If our reality dissatisfies us, we are free to destroy it and begin again.  It is time to stop the ignorance. – Big Mountain

how sweet she might smell

She is the perfect shade of pale blonde and very white. Her dark lined eyes stand out against her skin, creating mystery in contrast to perfect teeth, thin pink lips. Her cleavage is as expansive as snow covered fields and invite my eyes to wander and my mind to wonder about the joy between two …

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barefoot boogie

I went to my first barefoot boogie led by the magnificent Mandy Kasafir. Transcendental dance is a good way to describe it. Imagine a room full of people who share an interest in peace, harmony, respect and love for all life. Imagine this group of like-minded people moving their bodies in whichever way feels right …

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odd day

I feel odd, but not odd.  Or rather I don’t want to feel odd because I have no reason to feel odd.  How odd is that?  I haven’t done anything physical today.  Perhaps that’s why I feel odd.  I finished reading The Dharma Bums for the second time.  And for the second time, I enjoyed …

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question no. 23

There’s a symposium tomorrow at the local Catholic college and the question on the table is: “Are morals a thing of the past?” I can guess what the Catholic school is going to say, what’s your view?