Month: November 2007

indeed, why ask why?

“People say that we’re searching for the meaning of life.  I don’t think that’s it at all.  I think what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences in the purely physical plane will have resonances within our own innermost being and reality, so that we actually feel the rapture …

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Janine, my dream, I drink you up like a Kasteel Cru on a lonely night Like the night we first met I was passing through without a lot to do. You were behind the desk on the headset While Benny Goodman played Roll ’em on the clarinet I was dreaming of nothing until I walked …

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dingy cafes

And so I find myself sitting in a dingy café that lured me in with the offer of free Internet access.  Only the access is not really free.  You have to buy their coffee, of course.  But also the only ‘free’ Internet access is their website!  I could have just as well stayed in my …

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writer’s journey

During my Saturday morning surfing, I came upon these three sites: These sites have really got me thinking about my dreams.  I have tended to do one thing to the next without much connection between any two points. I have an idle dream of being a writer, but have struggled with finding …

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happy thanksgiving

No turkey for me today. Being an expat, I haven’t celebrated Thanksgiving in 6 years and it was only reading a post from Raw Dawg that reminded that today is Thanksgiving. I am about as far away from the Thanksgiving tradition as I can get. I’m away from home, alone, in Scotland having a Chinese …

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new reading list

“Writers are always watching people. In order to have output, we need to have input.” I am a tired puppy tonight. And once again, I ate the foulest tasting hamburger in the world. But there you go; at least I had something to eat. I need to go on a reading sabbatical. I started Ken …

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NLP Taster Evening

A quick commercial for a really cool event we’re running in December. If you’re in the area, please do come along. I promise it will be fun, informative, and full of magical moments. How can an evening’s learning be so much fun and still be life changing? How can you learn some tools and techniques …

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Labels. Labels. Labels. We have this innate need to label things. I realise labelling is a part of our survival mechanism. Back in the day running around in the jungle, we needed to label things, good, bad, dangerous, poisonous, friend or foe. And the labels were signals to the brain to act accordingly in relationship …

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wicked thoughts between Chardonnay and pizza blond delivers wife waits. Note: This poem is written in the poetic form made famous by Allen Ginsberg known as American Sentences. It’s basically a derivative of the Japanese Haiku. Instead of three lines totaling 17 syllables, American Sentences are written as a single poetic sentence totaling 17 syllables. …

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happiness is

Instant happiness is FORGET the past; FUCK the future, BE here now! (early morning insight while lying in my hotel bed)