beast barracks

We were young
We were soldiers
We were proud

To be serving in the
Forces that guarded
Our way of life

You taught us the Law
And we learnt it well

Our shaved heads
Glistened in the sun
Like a hundred sweaty peaches
As we recited the Law:

Sir! The Law
We are not human
We are beasts
And you made us beasts
We will not talk
We will not sleep
We will not eat
Without permission
We will only dress
Right dress right dress
Ready front!

The last line is
Cold steel
Stick it between the
Second and third rib
And twist!

6 thoughts on “beast barracks”

  1. Tk you Clayton for contacting me. My son-in-law is sill in Ira o this piece of work is especially emmoional for me. And boy is t ever the truth. God Bless You Clayon…have a great Sunday!!X’SJackie

  2. Sorry about all of the errors inteabov post but as you know I am blgging while travelling with my husband and it gets bumpy when we are moving! AnyHoo….I stopped back by to saycngratulations on being Blog Of he Day at FMB!! You deserve it:-)