mr organized, well maybe…

Today has flown in a flurry of tasks as I attempt to straddle two worlds. My normal disorganized chaotic self versus my attempt at being a techno-hip organized member of society. The fact that I have been drowning in a sea of papers, half-read books, magazines and unopened mail has spurred this new found religious drive to be one of the task focused brigade. It’s 9 p.m. Normally I would be just starting to think to get ready for the course I’m delivering tomorrow down in London. Instead, my course notes are printed; my train tickets are bought. My shirt is ironed and my shoes are shined. I have even checked the tube lines to see if there are any closures. I still have a long way to go to get really organized, but I think I’ve made a fair start.

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oronde ash October 26, 2007

found your link off david mcqueen’s. you mentioned a project he might be perfect for. take a look at what i’m trying to do and visit, click on any of the three 10 minute videos to listen to versions of the message.

if the message can be of service, let me know.