Greetings from Lanzarote.  Day number three and I’ve been in serious chill mode and enjoying the time to relax and take in the sun.  My impressions of Lanzarote so far are that the island is a nice place to escape to if you want some piece and quiet.  The beaches and the resorts are not teeming with overzealous noisy holidaymakers, so it’s easy to relax. 

If you’re looking for wild fun and exciting nightlife, Lanzarote is NOT the place to go.  If you’re a wind surfer, you’ll love the place.  There is a constant breeze ranging from slight in the morning and the evenings to heavy during midday.

I have some pictures which I’ll try to up load later since I only have 8 minutes left on my credit.  But i’ll leave you with some holiday haiku’s:

can’t wait to escape
another thunder cloud near
it always rains here

motorway rest stop
bound for lanzarote to
catch a bit of sun

two hour delay
one too many bags onboard
higher math is tough

drinking dorada
breeze across balcony blows
nice way to relax

waves break across rocks
wind whispers in my ear the
sand tickles my feet


Mihaela Lica July 14, 2007

Hi Clay,

You know I visit your blog and don’t leave any comments, but this time I couldn’t resist!

can’t wait to escape
another thunder cloud near
it always rains here

Were you writing about Germany? LOL! Today was the first sunny day in months.
Btw, I know a nice Disco in Lanzarote. It’s called RUMM. Check it out, maybe you like it.

Have a fun weekend.


Clay Lowe July 16, 2007

Hi Mig,

Thanks for the tip. I’ll see if I can find it.