wheels up, chill time

Nearly done packing for my trip to Lanzarote for a bit of chill time and diving. I thought about doing some hiking as well, but I don’t feel like lumbering around hiking gear and diving gear for such a short break.  So diving it is!

I’m looking forward to escaping this god awful UK weather! It’s freaking July and we are still in jackets, jumpers, and long trousers!!

Anyway, the break will do me some good after an 8 week long contract.


Beaman July 10, 2007

I think they confused Global Warming with Global Cooling. :p

Have fun!

Shinade July 12, 2007

when you get done chilling….you have an award waiting for you at http://shinade.blogspot.com I hope you are having a great time!!~jackie