chemical attraction

When I need a goodnight’s sleep
I mix myself a cocktail
Of chemicals

There’s a couple of ways
To make the mix
Either solo or in pairs

But by far
The sweeter brew
Is that made by two

All you need is a little
Up and down motion
A pinch of friction
And a dash of emotion

Add some heat
A bit of sweat
And some commotion

And in a minute or two
You’ll get an explosion
The out fall of which
Is a sweet mix of:

Vas opressin
Nitric oxide
And prolactin

Next to heaven divine
All of these chemicals combine
To produce a goodnight’s sleep

Warning: the effects have only
Been proven to work on men
Much to her chagrin


5 thoughts on “chemical attraction”

  1. On the radio today driving home the call in topic was this, you have the choice of:
    (a) 1 year of daily bliss followed by 4 years of abstinence.
    (b) 5 years of regular but not daily “so, so” activities.

    What would you choose?

    The first man to call in fessed up that faced with 4 years of nothing, option b was sounding pretty good.
    The first woman said, given that “so, so” doesn’t get me to the “goal”, I’ll take option A.

    Sleep well.