May 26, 2007

dying in my tv chair (read)

I’ve been playing around with Mac’s GarageBand to lay down some backing music to perform one of my poems to. It took me a couple of hours to figure it all out and here’s the results:

Dying in My TV Chair


  • Ok Clay-this is my a go at remembering my spam eaten comment!

    I was basically just saying how much I liked this piece. Think it really works with the music-very mellow and the spoken lead in adds to that effect. I especially liked your description of your teacher-the pea green skirt and varicous veins-gentle and vivid at the same time.

    Also liked the air hotess piece. Really well observed. It made me think of the last flight I took and I could really see you there on the plane!

    Good stuff,


  • Thank you…I had a quick word with my spam eating pet, and now he knows you…and likes you…so we won’t have any future problems!