Month: May 2007

river’s edge

This weeks Poetry Thursday prompt is “Rivers.”  I wrote this particular poem some time ago.  Rivers have a strong association with journeys.  Some of those journeys are for pleasure, and some for commerce.  And then there are those special classes of river journeys that sit astride something more sinister and dark… River’s Edge The world …

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dying in my tv chair (read)

I’ve been playing around with Mac’s GarageBand to lay down some backing music to perform one of my poems to. It took me a couple of hours to figure it all out and here’s the results: Dying in My TV Chair

climbing ladders

My life is one big airport at the moment flying to and from Scotland. And when you have a 2 and half hour delay to your flight, you get plenty of time to think. I’ve been mulling over some words I stumbled across in the Joseph Campbell companion guide where he’s writing about old age …

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mountain spirit

I spent the weekend in Snowdonia leading another group through the Ascent program. — Mountain Spirit I move in the presence Of Mount Snowdon Feeling The weight of its ancient pull A challenge, a summons, filters Through the mountain breeze The gate of your destiny is open I hear the mountain spirit say But will …

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on the way to posnan

I’m in Scotland this week. The hotel I am staying at is tuck away in a quiet place. Perfect for writing. I’m Just filtering through my notes from my Poland trip to see what comes out. We flew to Poland on WizzAir, which was my first time flying with them. The flight itself was fine, …

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I’ve been in Posnan, Poland this past week. I had every intention to continue to post while I was there, but as Murphy’s Law would have it, the place where I stayed had very spotty internet connection and I didn’t have the time to go look for a internet cafe. Officially, I was in Posnan …

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Coffee the black magic warms my heart, soothes my soul takes me on journeys near and far in cups. – c.lowe

self-portrait poem

I picked the idea of creating a self-portrait poem from incinq. She laid down the writing prompt to pen a self-portrait poem using the cinquain. A traditional cinquain has the following structure: 1st line: 2 syllables 2nd line: 4 syllables 3rd line: 6 syllables 4th line: 8 syllables 5th line: 3 syllables The modern cinquain …

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early morning inspiration

up and about at dawn I stretch and yawn my head still groggy soggy from another late night but i’m eager to write so I say it’s okay and pick up my pen relax into Zen, the mystical flow receiving what the gods and the universe know – c.lowe