6 thoughts on “Save the Planet”

  1. Good man Clay… It angers me when people complain about something but then do nothing to change it, or to correct the situation. Of course, I knew you’d be just the type of person to make things right.

  2. Two of my FAVORITE sexy bloggers discussing environmental issues!

    Yeah some don’t give a hoot but like you guys I can’t stand to see all that trash everywhere and find myself picking it up to put in a bin. Problem is that the number of people that litter is far greater than those of us who pick it up.

  3. This makes me so sad. I go out walking in this country quite often and, sadly, it’s a familiar sight.

    I just can’t understand it. I mean, presumably people go to these places to enjoy the beauty of the landscape and then they go and soil it with litter. So selfish.