January 18, 2007



They say you know you’re getting old when you walk around puddles instead of through them.  I must be getting old because I walked around this one!


  • Nothing wrong with getting older darling! As long as you learn, make the best of what you have and respect yourself… and stop listening to the mysterious “they”… “they” are nothing but trouble.

    Beautiful composition and light, Clay. Makes me want to find out what I’d find further along that path.

  • Age is a state of mind…that’s what I keep telling myself, which is I’m probably killing myself trying to continuing the intensity of my physical training like I am 20 years old! My is saying agae is all in the mind, my body is saying, ‘hey dude, slow down.’

  • Hi Anndi,

    yeah, I agree, there’s nothing wrong with getting old. As Muddy Waters said, the young horse my be fast, but the old horse knows what’s going on.