Immigration Fears

Romania  Bulgaria Today, Romania and Bulgaria have officially joined the EU.  This brings the EU total up to 27 members and a half a billion people.  The BBC quoted the Romanian president, Traian Basescu as saying, “It was hard, but we arrived at the end of the road.  It is the road of our joy.” Link

The Brits, though, don’t seem to be as joyous about the new members.  Their main fear seems to be the mounting immigration influx of former Eastern Europeans.  The British taxpayers are saying enough is enough.  As one person put it, “It’s nothing to do with them taking ‘our jobs’…The problem with the influx of ALL immigrants coming to the UK is the strain on infastructure, NHS, housing, resources, and schooling” (from Zornitsa M. Stoyanova-Yerburgh of the WorldPress).

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Tisha January 1, 2007

Same fears here in Belgium and I wonder what the future holds for the EU because it was already difficult governing with 15 countries, 27 will only be more difficult.


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