Diving in the UK is uncomfortable. Or at least that’s how it felt to me. The weather in the UK, such as it is, does not make for diving under tropical conditions. So it was that we had to do our PADI open water diving certification in a drysuit over the weekend.

1. Go into your livejournal archive

2. Find your 23rd post.

3. Find your 5th sentence (or closest to it.)

4. Post the text of your sentence in this post along with these instructions.

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Something about them there four walls closing in on me makes me want to scream….

A return to center is what I needed this morning. I spent some time in my circle. I can feel the energy rising already. Let’s go crazy baby. Fuck angst, there just isn’t any time for it. FIDO!

Tomorrow I leave for a little R&R in France. I’d like to sit here and write out a detailed itinerary of what I’m going to do, but the truth of the matter is I rarely plan these things beyond picking the country and the location. I pack the essentials – my outdoor gear, my mountain bike, a load of books, and my laptop. What else is there?

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The last scene in my dream I remember is looking in a closet. The closet floor was covered with clothes, jackets, boxes, and a lot of other miscellaneous items. A green raincoat caught my eye because I thought it was my Gortex jacket. I pulled this green raincoat from underneath the pile of junk only to discover that it wasn’t my Gortex jacket. In fact when I looked up I saw my Gortex hanging up on a hanger. I found in the corner of the closet an old bad of crisp that had been left there opened and with crisp still inside. The crisps were molded so I decided to through the bag in the trash. Well on my way to the trash bin, the bag starts to move. Low and behold, there’s a mouse in the bag. He pokes his little head out to see what’s going on. Well I didn’t want him in the house for fear that more mice would come. I opened the back door and attempted to throw him out. Only he just fell out of the bag onto the porch, so I tried to kill him by throwing heavy items at him. I missed. The mouse, in a frantic attempt to escape my flying objects, fell into the little pond we had beside the porch and started to swim away. But he didn’t get far as one of the frogs in the pond saw him as meal and went straight for him. The mouse started climbing up the side wall out of the pond, but the frog was quick to zap him with his sticky tongue and yank the mouse back down onto a ledge. The frog jumped out of the water and onto the ledge to finish the job. He managed to swallow the mouse.

i’ve been toing and froing again…actually i’ve been running full throttle, so have been skimping on the lj and using the time to write in other places. I woke up this morning feeling a sense of time. i have a birthday coming up in a couple of weeks and thought dude, i’m going to be 37 in 16 days where exactly does the time go? so much do. i could fill a thousand lifetimes, but as it stands i only have this one. note to self: don’t flitter this one away, go forth and conquer…