I’m heading down to Bristol today to get a little R & R. If the weather hold, I hope to play a little golf with my friend Mike. We only see each other a few times a year, so it’ll be good to catch up. Plus I need to spend some my time practicing my golf swing.

I met up with the Duck last night. I nearly fell over in shock when he walked into the Jug and Jester wearing a corporate badge around his neck. I had to shake my head…the Duck has gone corporate. He has plugged back into the Matrix. I never suspected the Duck would bow to such a fate. But then again, every man’s gotta eat, and so now the Duck has gone respectable.

Jasmine, my faithful mountain bike of nearly 12 years, suffered some serious battle wounds in Saturday’s adventure race. But I must say she did me proud in that she held up until about 2k from the finish line (I rode across on the rim). It tooks us 5.5 hours to complete the race traveling many miles by foot, bike and kayak. Good way to spend a Saturday though….

Here’s Jasmine:

I’ve been away from the weblog business for some time now. It’s not that there isn’t anything going, on the contrary, I’ve been running around like a blue-assed fly. But my other writing demands have left me with little time to update. But fear not, I am still alive and well.

My newly formed adventure race team came in 11th in a field of 20 in our category. It was good showing considering the day of the race was the first time most of had met in person. I tell more a bit later. Got go get ready for the day ahead. Plus my battery is just about to go dead.